What Should we know about ‘Coffee’

The history of coffee is a glorious story, it has traveled the globe for centuries, stolen from royality and has changed the entire nations and economies, it’s remarkable how one small bean taken from Ethiopia would become the 2nd largest commodity traded in the world today , we can say that coffee is an essential morning for millions of people that fuels the start of their day.

Coffee Transformation
  • Coffee Facts & statistics around the world :

Now let’s discover some interesting and fun facts , industry and important statistics we should know :

  1. 55% of people drink coffee daily.
  2. People spend 40$ billion on coffee annually.
  3. 38% of children aged 13-18 drink coffee.
  4. Coffee lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes.
  5. A person’s coffee consumption increases by 25% when they reach their 20’s.
  • The Origin of Coffee beans :
Ethiopian Coffee.

The coffee beans grow in a variety of different countries across the world, especially in America Latina, Africa and parts of Asia, Central America, but Ethiopia is the origin of both Arabica and Robusta .

  • .Let’s know more about types of coffee beans :

All commercial coffee comes from two main types of coffee beans: robusta and arabica. Each type has its own unique qualities, though the exact flavor depends on how it is roasted :

  1. ARABICA :

The Arabica beans are primarily grown in brazil but can also be found in countries like Colombia , Honduras and Mexico .

  • Fine, mild, aromatic.
  • 50% to 60% less caffeine.
  • Expensive to cultivate.
  • Approximately 70% of world’s coffee production.


Robusta grows in Brazil but it is even more common in Vietnam; other robusta coffee growing regions include Indonesia, India, and Uganda.

  • Used in blends, instant coffee.
  • 50% to 60% more caffeine.
  • Easier, cheaper to cultivate.
  • Approximately 30% of world’s coffee production.

Check out the map below for a more visual explanation of where coffee beans are grown.

Where beans grow
  • Some of the benefits you might be getting from your favourite cup of joy :

1. Coffee boosts your physical performance.

2. Coffee may help you lose weight.

3. Coffee lowers risk of death.

  • Disadvantages and risks of Coffee :

1. Bad coffee can be toxic.

2. Coffee can cause insomnia and restlessness.

3. Don’t drink more than one cup a day if you’re pregnant.

4. Coffee for kids, may increase bedwetting.


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