The most difficult job interview question and this is how you answer it correctly

It is well known that the applicant must prepare himself for the interview in order to be able to succeed and secure the job of his dreams.
There are a bunch of common questions that are re-asked in most job interviews, including one that is viewed as a trick question when in fact it is not.
This is one of the most difficult questions to ask in a job interview because most job applicants do not answer them in the correct way

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

We are sure you have heard this question being asked in a lot of job interviews, but finding a good answer to it is a bit complicated because it requires you to think about a future that is ambiguous.But in fact the only trick to respond to it is that you align your ambitions with the aspirations of the company,You can tell them that you see yourself leading a team within the company within five years. The company does not want to pay for your training and ultimately leaves it easily without benefiting from you,It would be good if your answer was optimistic, but at the same time without raising the ceiling of ambition so much that it seems as if you want to control the job of a management employee. The important thing is to make an impression on the interviewer that you want to continue in the company for several years.
In general, there are some tricks that can help you answer this question well:

  • It is preferable that you plan in advance to answer this question, so that you define your plan, that is, draw a road map for where you see yourself after five years. This will really help you to answer this question with confidence.
  • The interlocutor asked this question in order to see if you are able to connect between the present and the future, and the ideal answer is that it consists of two parts, meaning do not over-focus on the future and do not neglect the present at the expense of the latter. For example, in the first part of the answer, you can show the interviewer your desire to get this job, and in the second part you can explain the future plans that you seek to work on without lengthening

  • Before going to the job interview, you will have conducted an extensive research about the company, its objectives and everything related to it, so it would be good to link your answer to this question to the career paths provided by the company.

  • Do not evade or be afraid of answering the question, but use it to your advantage in order to get the job. For example, do not answer that you do not know where you will be in five years, but make your effort to answer the question and never take a defensive stance
  • Make your answer logical and realistic, do not raise your expectations too much, and do not exaggerate your ambition. Do not express your desire for the highest position in the company even if you really seek it, and do not exaggerate your enthusiasm because that will not impress the interlocutor.
  • Employers are making great efforts to distinguish employees who are really seeking to stay in the company from those who will quickly become bored and will change their jobs, so show your great desire to stay in the company through your answer.


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