International Children’s Day.

International Children’s Day:

International Children’s Day is celebrated on the 1st of June every year. It is a joint celebration that began in association with UNICEF and the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. This day marks a special day in broadcasting when channels across the world telecast various programs for children International Children’s Day began in Turkey on the 23rd of April 1920. It was later given recognition at the World Conference for the Well-Being of Children which was held in Geneva in Switzerland, in 1925 Once the conference was over the governments of most countries agreed to select one day as International Children’s Day in an attempt to draw attention towards various issues related to children.

Why is International Children’s Day observed ?

International Children’s Day encourages countries to dedicate a day to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children. Additionally, this day also marks the implementation of projects that can promote the overall welfare of children around the world As civilized adults we must have a clear understanding of the need to care about children Whether it’s about preserving their health, education or upbringing every possible measure should be taken to allow kids lead a healthy and happy .

Not many know that the main stimulator of the International Children’s Day was the Second World War that killed hundreds and thousands of children along with their parents. There’s a growing need to turn our face to the children and offer them a quick access to amenities that they’ll remember for a lifetime.

Every child is psychologically tuned in a way that he/she extensively depends on the external assessments. If you praise a child, he/she will feel good. Quite similar to adults, even children find it too tedious to assess their success objectively. It is the responsibility of the parents to maintain a trustworthy relation with kids.

International Children’s Day tries to serve the objective of making the adults understand the fact that medals and success are not important as the happiness of a child. With the celebration of International Children’s Day 2020, parents teachers and the entire society are being sensitized to focus on intellectual development of children.

International Children’s Day in Different Countries :

The observance of International Children’s Day is influenced by a country’s custom and tradition. While Bulgaria celebrates the day with gift-giving to Children people in Brazil celebrate the International Children’s Day annually on the 12th day of October. Also Chile has assigned the first Wednesday of October annually to be observed as the International Children’s Day Here, the day marks the purchase of toys for children of different age groups. The event, as authorized by the United Nations, honors children in different formats.



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