The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Mobile Phone.

The world is now turning into an era of Mobile phones. Everyone across the world has mobile access now. As technology grows faster, the mobile phone is getting smarter and better. The vast improvement over a few years in mobile technology is unbelievable.

The mobile phone is an essential part of today’s life. We cannot imagine life without phone, also its play an impotent role in our life like other body parts. But there are some advantages and disadvantages of the mobile phone in our day to day life.


1 . Connect With Family & Friends :

The first and foremost requirement for a mobile phone is for the communication purpose. Even, the telephone does the same work. But the mobiles help us to carry them anywhere and are more comfortable. There is no limit to the area of access. Thus, communication is possible anywhere across the world. Due, to the huge market sale of mobile phones, there are cell phone towers even in remote areas.

2 . Smart Device :

Mobile phones now are capable of having unbelievable features like GPS for locating the place or the mobile phone, music player, videos, games, etc. even day-to-day requirements are fulfilled by this smart device like a flashlight, camera, calculator, etc.

3 . Help in your study :

Yes it’s also help in your study it is an amazing. Nowadays more than 90% of students use a mobile phone on their study’s as a result it improve grade in school. They attend online classes, read tutorials, watching video tutorials and there are plenty of learning app and tutorials in the google app store and apple app store.


1 . Waste of Time :

Many of the people stick with the mobile phone every time, it is a wastage of time and energy without any purpose. It is mainly seen in the younger generation. They spending more and more time in play gaming, online chatting, similarly youngster waste most of the time on social media like Facebook, Instagram etc.

2 . Accidents :

The most common reason for the accident happening is due to mobile phones. During driving vehicles or walking down the road people suddenly forget the surroundings and this leads to accidents.

3 . Effect in Health :

Most important disadvantage are effect in health. The improper and continues use of mobile phone will seriously effect in our health. The user may be suffering in wrist, hand and neck pain. Eyesight problem also arises for prolonged use of mobile phone.

  • Use of mobile phone is necessary for our daily life like water and food we didn’t imagine our life without a mobile phone. It has some advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone in points but it totally depends upon people, how he/she use it.


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