Effects Of Social Media On Youth.

Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat are the most common social media platforms for teens. And while research has found that social media can negatively impact teenagers, there are many positive effects, as well. Here’s what experts say about how social media is affecting teens. 

Positive Effects :

Communication :

The main purpose of social networking sites is to facilitate people to socialize, regardless of distance and other barriers. It can have a positive impact on relationships. Young people can make new friends and maintain existing friendships by frequent communication and sharing experiences online. For those teenagers who struggle to make social connections in the physical world, social media can offer a virtual alternative and prevent young people from feeling isolated.

Access To Important Information :

Youth can get easy access to important information being shared on social media. They can easily get to know about opportunities and can never miss any breaking news. They can learn about an event that is going on around them which they are interested in.

Opportunity For Education :

Children can watch videos, view pictures and read blogs, many of which have educational benefits. Social networking sites can also facilitate discussion of homework and assignment topics and provide a base for research and fact-finding initiatives.

Development Of Social Skills And Confidence :

Many youths are socially maladroit,  social media has helped to build the social skills of some youths. They can enlarge their social circles and develop new friends. It can also increase their social confidence and media literacy and social support. This helps the youths to be able to adapt in the society.

Keep Abreast With The Latest Information :

Social media keeps youths up with things going on in their environment, school or workplace. They can get news on politics,  business,  entertainment and many other things.  You can know about the emergence of certain blogs that you are interested in.

Negative Effects :

Addiction :

Since social media use can generate reward and feelings of happiness so easily, there is a risk that it may become addictive. It can also be very time consuming – teens can waste hours online. Parents should limit screen time and set clear expectations about social media usage.

No Privacy :

Social media does not provide privacy to any of its users. Youths can post sensitive and private information online for instance,  where they are at and what they plan to do,  without realizing the associated risks.  Some youths are too open and make their personal information public on social media.

Unhealthy Sleep Patterns :

Spending too much time on social media can lead to poor sleep patterns. Because of stress and anxiety as a result of some post on social media,  youths might not be able to sleep well or they might not sleep at all.  This can end up affect youth productivity.

Lack Of Focus :

Social media can also be a distraction. It can divert attention from an activity that your child is supposed to be focusing on, such as study, sporting commitments or assignments. It’s important to ensure your child is maintaining a healthy lifestyle and participating in social activities away from the computer or devices. Removing devices from bedrooms and monitoring social media online usage is also advised.


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