NO Smoking Day – History & Ways to Celebrate!

No Smoking Day is celebrated around the world on the 2nd Wednesday of March every year, the role of it is to promote on how to quit smoking, we know everyone about the risks that smoking has on our health, over the last few decades, it has become very clear how terribly dangerous smoking is.

  • Let study more about this annual health awarness day:

History Of No Smoking Day:

No Smoking Day movement was first started in 1984 in the United Kingdom on the day of Ash Wednesday and since then it has been an annual celebration event and tries to save people from the harmful effects of smoking, this day can also be celebrated by those who are concerned about someone they care or love by offering them access to resources that can help them. In fact, there are support groups, several sessions are provided and phone numbers of the people who can motivate and help them. One that many may remember was used in 2010 was “Break free” and this theme was used with images of broken cigarettes encouraging smokers to try to break the tobacco addiction.

How To Celebrate:

If you are a smoker, the best way that you can celebrate No Smoking Day is take the opportunity to quit smoking.

There are many options to support you when you decide to quit, it may not be easy but you can consult your doctor for some advices that can help you to make it.

Be supportive in offering resources and you may find that this year will be the year that your loved one is ready to quit.


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