World EARTH Day – History, Environment Problems

World Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22, a tradition that started on the same date in 1970. not only a day to increase awareness of environmental problems but it’s also become a popular day for many communities to gather together and clean up litter, plant trees, or simply reflect on the beauty of nature, also he is a day to share our practices, values and to find new ways to work together to change the path we are currently on.


The initiative to celebrate Earth Day was taken by Gaylord Nelson – the senator of California in 1969. An oil spill on the coast of California on January 28, 1969 which killed thousands of marine animals, invoked the then senator Gaylord Nelson to take action. He called in a forum to discuss the issue of environment and the human impacts on it, surprisingly his first tech in on 22nd April 1970 was attended by 20 Million people.


There are many big problems of environmental degradation in the World and they should be removed to save the environment from the harmful effects. Today there is a big problem of the Ozone Layer which is being depleted due to the Ultra Violet rays of the Sun. There is another issue of mixing Industrial Toxic things with the rivers which can result in Global Warming.

Industrialization increase on daily occasions can result in deforestation which can result in the temperature rise. So people should take care of the environment by taking many types of steps like plant more trees, conserve water, save the forest trees, plant wildflowers, use fewer vehicles in order for reducing air pollution, reduce plastic dependency, conserve energy by using only necessary energy which is required also get kids involved in planting activities.


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