TOP Exercices to Gain Weight at Home!

Listed below are a few of the best exercises for weight gain, so start your journey of building whole body muscle at home:


Squats help you build your legs and quadriceps femoris muscles. Squats can also be referred to as sit-ups and are a great warm exercise before playing sports.


Planks are the best exercise to work your entire core, as they build isometric strength to help you get a stronger back, a tighter tummy and a better posture.


Push-ups are great for the triceps, the shoulders, and the forearms, for a muscle builder without equipment, push-ups may be his best friend! The most effective way to build muscle is to do the exercise slowly with fewer reps.


Another great exercise for your arms and shoulders, pull-ups require a fixed horizontal bar placed in a place greater than your height.


Lunges are one of the most popular exercises that can help you develop your endurance also your legs strength.


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