Simple Ways to Relieve Exam Stress!

Exams are the source of stress for many students, whether you’re about to begin your exam week or are in the process of studying, you are probably feeling the stress so it is important to manage this stress and find little ways of helping to eliminate the risk of burnout.

When we’re stressed, our brains release high levels of cortisol which can cloud the way we think and gets in the way of rational thoughts. Because of this, it’s important to stay as cool, calm and collected as you can during the exam period.

Ways to Relieve Exam Stress:

  • Here are 5 easy ways to help keep you sane during exams:

1. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep helps your brain to assimilate new knowledge into your long-term memory so that you can recall it when it comes to test day. Anyone who has tried to concentrate with half a night’s sleep can also testify to improved focus with better sleep.

2. Speak to Someone

If the stress gets to a point where it is overwhelming, and is affecting your day to day life, try and speak to someone about it. Your university or school should have a service where you can speak to people about your concerns, and will be able to offer more advice on how to manage it.

3. Listen to Classical Music

Listening to music can create a positive and productive environment by elevating your mood and encouraging you to study more effectively and for longer. Classical music is recommended as the best type of music to boost your brain power.

4. Exercise & Eat Healthily

Exercise gets your blood flowing and your heart pumping. It’s a proven stress-buster as it fills your brain with endorphins, which are basically happy hormones.

It is during exam time that you need to eat right by treating yourself as a well-built machine that needs fuel at regular intervals. Fresh fruits and veggies are the most recommended foods to consume during exam time.

5. Eating Dark Chocolate

Eating dark chocolate which is over 70% cocoa fights the exam stress hormone cortisol and has an overall relaxing effect on the body. Plus chocolate releases endorphins which act as a natural stress fighter.


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