ITALY – Geography, Religion & Economy.

Italy is one of the countries in the European continent located in south-central Europe, officially known as the Republic of Italy, it includes many diverse landscapes, From the Alps and glacial lakes in the north to fiery pits and turquoise caves in the south to the bottom of the country in the Mediterranean Sea, where the islands of Sicily and Sardinia are located.

Let know more about this beautiful country.


Italy has a total area of 301,340 km2, of which 294,140 km2 is land, while the water area is 7,200 km2, and the main lands of Italy extend south to the Mediterranean as a long peninsula, surrounded on the west by the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the east by the Adriatic Sea, on the south by the Ionian Sea, and bordered by France Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia are represented by the Alps mountain range to the north, and there are several islands belonging to Italy; The largest are Sicily (25,708 km2) and Sardinia (24,090 km2).


The population of Italy is about 60,550,000 people, according to the United Nations report for the year 2019, which constitutes 0.78% of the entire world population, with a population density equal to 200.94 inhabitants per km2. However, the population density in Italy varies from one region to another, as it is considered the valley regions PO is the most dense; Half of Italy’s population is concentrated there, and among the densely populated areas also the urban areas of Naples and Rome, while the regions of the Basilicata Plateau, the Alps, the Apennines, and Sardinia contain few inhabitants.


Until the Second World War, Italy’s economy depended on agricultural products, and it began to industrialize late, and after 1950 it began to develop in this area, and its development was very rapid. In 2006 the industrial sector contributed about 30% of the total annual gross product, while the agricultural sector It contributed only 2%, and the tourism sector is of importance to Italy, and it is expected that Italy’s economy will flourish and grow in 2020 by 0.4% and by 0.7% in 2021, according to the prosperity of the industry sector and local demand.


The Catholic Christian Romanian dominant religion in Italy, because the presence of the Vatican City in the heart of Rome, Christians make up more than 80% of the population in Italy, and Islam is the second religion in which, either with regard to language; The official language is Italian, and German, French and Slovenian are mainly used in many regions.


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