Ways To Keep Your Computer Safe

We know all that the Laptop is so important to our life, many people use it for many things, and to protect it we should keep it clean and safe.

In this Topic we will teaches you how to maintain your laptop computer in order to keep it running fast and error-free.

Keep Your Laptop Clean

It is possible to maintain the cleanliness of the laptop by cleaning it constantly and regularly, so that this helps to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt inside the fans of the laptop, or any open places that may lead to the entry of dust into the device, causing many problems, and this also contributes to preventing its overheating In addition, cleaning the laptop screen and keyboard from dust or accumulated dirt will facilitate the work of the user, making him see the data better, and avoiding any strain to his eyes.

Save Your Laptop Battery

The battery is one of the most important parts of the laptop, so several things must be followed to preserve it for as long as possible, including the following:

  • Activate laptop computer battery saving mode, so that device makes several automatic changes to help extend battery life.
  • Turn off unused applications, such as: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, unused optical drives, graphic processors, and others.
  • Adjust screen and keyboard settings to reduce power consumption.
  • Avoid running too many programs at the same time. Because that constitutes a large burden on the device and thus consumes more energy.

Keep Your Laptop Cool

The laptop computer generates a lot of heat during his operation, and the fans of the Laptop continuously regulate its temperature and limit its height, so it is imperative to maintain the flow of air around the fans, also not to restrict his movement by stacking papers and books, or placing items that prevent the passage of air.


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