Tips to Get SWEAT SMELL Out of Clothes.

There are a number of tips that can be followed to control sweating and reduce the odor of sweat, bad breath, or body odor.


Below ! let see some tips to get sweat smell out of your clothes:

  • Bathing daily and using an anti-bacterial soap, as this reduces the bacterial growth on the surface of the skin well.
  • Choose clothes that suit the nature of the business that the individual plans to do or do; For example, it is recommended to use clothes made of natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and silk to practice daily life, while it is recommended to use clothes made for sports in particular when exercising. It has the ability to absorb moisture.
  • Learn general stress management and relaxation techniques, including yoga, meditation exercises, and more. This reduces the tension that can induce sweating.
  • Adjusting the dietary pattern, as it is advised to avoid eating and drinking food and drinks that increase the process of sweating or show a stronger smell of sweat than the normal limit, examples of which are: caffeinated drinks, spicy foods, and those that have a strong smell.
  • Take care to shave the armpit hair periodically. This reduces the chance of bacteria accumulating and accumulating, thus reducing sweat and odor.
  • Keeping the armpits dry, as the reproduction of bacteria in these conditions is very difficult or at least requires a longer time.
  • The use of antiperspirants when going to sleep, which gives an opportunity for the antiperspirant to work while a person sleeps and does not sweat, as the use of antiperspirants after a shower in the morning does not do the desired benefit, because the sweat that accumulates removes the antiperspirant from the body.


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