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International Labor Day – Why do We Celebrate it?


Labor Day, or International Labor Day, is an official holiday in many countries of the world celebrating workers and it falls on the first of May of each year, and the origin of this day goes back to Chicago.

Where the labor disputes calling for reducing working hours were concentrated, under the (eight hours) movement. Which led to the emergence of the Trade Union Act, which legalized the movement and worked to protect its activities, which were launched through marches in Canada to support the movement after the print workers strike in 1882.

Why do We Celebrate it?

American labor leader Peter J. McGuire was in Toronto and witnessed those celebrations, and upon his return to New York, he organized the first Labor Day celebration in 1882, starting from New York, and following the killing of several workers at the hands of the United States Marshals and the American army in 1894, during the Pullman strike. As a result, the American President Cleveland made some reconciliation settlements with the Labor Party on considering it a top political priority, for fear of exacerbating the crisis and the outbreak of more conflicts, and from here Labor Day was enacted after it was passed to the US Congress and approved unanimously, six days after the strike.

And International Labor Day, which falls on the first of May, and the choice of this day was to commemorate the eight-hour movement, and to commemorate the people who were killed in the Haymarket case that occurred as a result of the general strike in which the workers participated, when the police opened fire on them, which led to the deaths of four There were dead people, after which anger spread throughout the world, and the next day, large crowds of people gathered in Haymarket Square to express their condemnation and anger, and it was a peaceful gathering until the police came to disperse this gathering, which led to the throwing of a bomb on them by unknown people, which led to the death of what was not Less than twelve people, including seven policemen and the rest of the protesters in the square, were then held, after which the most controversial court in the history of the American judiciary was held, where eight people were tried because of their opinions and beliefs, not because of their connection to the incident that occurred in the square, and their involvement in one way or another with that. The events, and led to the death penalty sentence against seven of those convicted on the charge of inciting chaos, this matter angered people everywhere, and the first day of May came as a kind of commemoration of these people and they were called (Haymarket martyrs), Today, this day has become a celebration of workers’ achievements around the world at all levels.



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