The Advantages of ANDROID.

The word Android means robot, and it was designed as an operating system for smartphones, tablets, and various electronic devices such as television and camera.

Android was established in Palo Alto California, USA by several people working in the field of technology, namely: Andy Robin, Rich Miner Nick Sears, and Chris White.

In this article we will show you some advantages of using Android:


1. Obtain the Required Information Quickly

This feature is used when the user has to search for specific information in the browser during a conversation, so instead of having to leave the chat application, he can do the Now on Tap to quickly access the required information.

2. Increase Battery Life by 30%

This feature extends battery life at the stated rate at critical times, By activating the mode (save battery), it enables the phone to go into a sleep state when it is out of use.

3. Protect Sensitive Informations

It is possible to encrypt all sensitive files on the device to protect them, and this command can be applied manually by entering the password to access any personal files.

4. Access to the Phone via a device Friend

It is possible to access messages, pictures, and other private information on the personal phone, by logging into the personal device via a friend’s device, and it is also possible to log in as a guest user or add other users without the need to exchange all private information.

5. Control Data Usage

This feature allows you to control the data capacity used and can reduce the consumption of a large volume of data for different applications.


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