The Most Famous Global Search Engines.

A search engine is a service computer program that allows users on the Internet to search for specific content using the Internet by entering the user keywords about the content or topic that he wants to the search engine, then the search engine displays a set of websites that contain the keywords that the user has entered. The results are images, videos, audio clips, articles, etc.

The search engine allows the researcher to request what he is searching for by entering it in writing, where the researcher, in turn, brings up a list containing references and sources for the searched words, and the search results are reviewed in the form of a list of millions of document titles related to the search word.

The Most Famous Global Search Engines

  • The Famous search engine (Google): The famous search engine Google includes a million database of addresses on the Internet that includes all topics, and this engine also provides the image search service, and it also provides an advanced search function, which offers you lists of search results more and more than Language, and the Google search engine ranks first in use among search engines.
  • The Search engine (Bing): Microsoft has launched the famous search engine Bing, which contains a database of millions of website addresses, and it is worth noting that the search engine Bing follows Google in the list of search engines, and has registered about three hundred and fifty million visitors per month According to Alexa, it is ranked twenty-second.
  • The Search engine (Yahoo): Yahoo search engine maintained its importance, and it topped the search engine lists for several years until it was replaced by the Google search engine and advanced on it, and it is worth noting that Yahoo also provides the opportunity to search in a huge database of images and videos, And it was designed by a group of investors.
  • The Search engine (Ask): This search engine is distinguished from other search engines in that it can answer questions that are written in the colloquial language, Due to its possession of a database that can answer these questions, and it is noteworthy that this search engine ranks fourth in the list of global search engines in terms of the number of visits, as it recorded two hundred and forty-five million visits per month, and on the Alexa site it occupies the thirty-first place.
  • The Search engine (ALTAVESTA): The search engine Alta Vista is considered the first to provide a video search service, and its popularity extends to the world, and it is one of the first search engines to provide a video search service.


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