HALLOWEEN Day – History & Rituals.

Halloween is a celebration that takes place on the night of the 31st of October of every year to celebrate and honor the Christian Western Day of all saints.

This celebration is also considered to honor the dead, especially those of good standing among Christians

and the origin of the celebration of Halloween goes back to the harvest festivals that were held in Celtic culture.


Halloween appeared for the first time in Scotland in the year 1556, then the methods of celebrating it developed and stemmed from the Celtic civilization that was inhabiting Scotland

where it was intended at the beginning to celebrate the gods of fruits and crops that were held during the harvest period

but during the winter they believed Darkness occurs due to the proximity of the distance between the world of the living and the dead

and the increased opportunity for souls to move between the two worlds, so they used to light fires, provide food and drink to facilitate the transmission of souls

and they wore strange costumes and covered their faces with ashes to become more like the dead.


Halloween rituals and traditions include doing tricks in what is known as a trick-or-treat ritual

so all participants in the holiday disguise themselves in Halloween costumes, each as desired

and decorate the face and body, in addition to carving pumpkins with distinctive shapes, placing duck lanterns

Halloween is characterized by reading scary stories, in addition to Watching horrific movies, as many in the world celebrate Halloween by going to churches

performing Christian religious rituals, placing candles on the graves of the dead and lighting them

and despite the transformation of Halloween in various parts of the world into a secular trade festival

there are some Christians who refrain from eating meat on the eve of Halloween, and only eat apples, pies, and donuts.

The Irish used to light lamps, put them inside potatoes or turnips, and then put them in front of the doors of the houses to protect them

keep evil spirits away from them, and provide lighting for the good spirits that come to visit them

and when the Irish immigrated to America these crops were not available to them, so they used pumpkin or gourd Instead of potatoes and turnips

their size was better and more beautiful for lamps, which helped spread its use in most areas celebrating Halloween.

According to the traditional rites of the Aztecs in Spain to celebrate Halloween, sugar skulls are carried as part of the celebration

also, graves and altars are decorated with them throughout the feast.


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