KOLINDA KITAROVIC – The President of Croatia.

Kolinda Kitarovic is the current president of Croatia, and she is the youngest president of the state of Croatia.

Also, she is the first woman to occupy this position. It is worth noting that Kolinda is a candidate for the Croatian Democratic Union Party

as many Croatian expatriates voted for her, and that was one of the reasons for her superiority over the other candidate

and it is noteworthy that the post of President of Croatia is a highly honorary position.


Kolinda Kitarovic was born on the 29th of April 1968 in a village in Croatia, but her upbringing was in the United States of America

where she completed her university studies at the University of Zagreb and obtained a bachelor’s degree in English literature

in addition to a master’s degree in international relations, It is noteworthy that Kolinda speaks more than one language, such as Spanish, Portuguese, and English.


Kolinda was not far from political action, She held important positions in the state

and in what comes to these positions are mentioned:

  • The position of the Croatian Foreign Minister.
  • The position of the Croatian ambassador to the United States of America.
  • The position of Assistant Secretary-General in NATO.


President of Croatia Kolinda was the star of the 2018 World Cup, with her permanent participation in the national team of her country

she used to encourage them, and persevered in attending all their matches, in addition to being close to the players

and celebrating with them spontaneously, as she did not give up her national team at times of their loss

but rather supported them to achieve progress and success

noting that she appeared in more than one place while she comforts the members of the national team after losing the final match of the World Cup

because of her proximity and spontaneity towards her elected audience and towards the players

she has become the focus of everyone’s attention, also she has become the talk of the Arabs and the world.


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