The Importance of Using FACEBOOK.

Facebook is a website that was officially launched on February 4, 2004, he is used for social communication.

He is considered the most popular social network, also he is the most famous website on the Internet, As the number of active users reached by the year 2012 nearly to one billion users, but it increased in 2018 to 2.27 billion users per month.

This site provides the ability to share photos, text messages, and videos, in addition to sharing the status, feelings, and also it a funny site, available daily in a regular way, so all the new users does not have problems or difficulty to understanding it, or using it.


1. Stay In Contact With Family & Friends

Facebook helps in keeping the person in contact with his family and friends who are not close to him, as Facebook is a personal news site that includes stories and events revolving around people known to the person, and this is done through Facebook users posting pictures and updates related to their various life matters on their pages On Facebook, then these updates appear on the Facebook website, and they are visible by all people who share a friendship on the site, and as soon as the person opens his Facebook account or updates his page, All friends’ posts and posts will appear to him, and friends can write a small note below these posts.

2. Find Out the Latest News

Facebook is one of the most important news sites on the Internet, according to a study by the Pew Research Center, Facebook is considered one of the best news sites on the Internet, as many well-established institutions and companies resort to using it in their field of business, and receive large numbers of visits on their pages, which indicates the ability of social media to develop and provide readers with the information they care about.

3. Marketing and Advertising

Many institutions and companies resort to using Facebook as a means of advertising and marketing, Facebook is one of the most important methods of promotion and marketing, and many people resort to investing in the use of Facebook by using it to spread ads to many different clients, as Facebook is considered one of the ways that business owners can stay in contact with the customers they interact with today.


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