PERSONAL WEAKNESSES – Causes & Solutions.

Personality weakness is a negative characteristic that some individuals suffer in their personalities, and it means the person’s inability to make decisions related to him, the lack of renewal in his way of life, the helplessness in front of the most trivial circumstances, and the inability to confront it.

And this matter causes frustration and despair for the person, and many factors Lead to this defect in personality, and personality weaknesses can be treated and eliminated by following several methods, and in this article, we will introduce you to the characteristics of a weak personality, their causes, and how to address them.

Causes of Personal Weakness

  • The incorrect upbringing of the child, and his suppression from a young age, which make him a shaky, insecure child.
  • Resorting to the violent method of raising children, such as controlling their opinions and making decisions on their behalf, so parents think that this improves their morals and disciplines them, and that is wrong, as this method brings out generations of weak personality and afraid of anything.
  • Staying away from children’s dialogue and discussion, and is wrong. Listening to them and showing interest in what they say leads to an increase in their self-confidence and a feeling of safety and strength.

How To Treat the Weak Personality

1. Determining the Weakness Point

Identifying the weakness in the personality is considered one of the necessary things that must be done, and starting to show solutions to get rid of it and treat it, and there is no harm in resorting to a psychologist for help and getting rid of weaknesses.

2. Reading Books

Reading is considered one of the things that greatly contribute to building personality, especially reading books on how to build and develop personality, as this type of books offers solutions and methods for how to make decisions, and reading increases enthusiasm in the same reader, broadens his perceptions, and increases his confidence By himself.

3. Setting Goals

You must define the goals that you want to achieve, and make these goals a challenge for you, as this will help you build relationships, develop yourself, and reach the desired accomplishments.

4. Diligence

You must make the continuous effort in the work that you do, and strive to do business that is not entrusted with its work, as it will increase your experience, and your acquisition of various and new skills, and it will enable you to engage with others and interact with them.

5. Skills Development

That is by searching inside the personality for his potentials, abilities, and skills, and developing and strengthening them to get rid of weaknesses and instill self-confidence.

6. Change Negatives into Positives

This is by turning the bad things you are exposed to into positive things, in order to avoid their effect on your psyche and your willpower.


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