DEPRESSION – Definition & Symptoms.

Depression is a feeling that negatively affects the sufferer, his feelings his way of thinking and his behavior through severe and long-lasting symptoms and signs, in addition to its effect on his normal daily work and functions.

Depression is the most common mental disorder and despite the prevalence of this disorder, there are many undiagnosed sufferers who are hesitant to make a decision to see a doctor or psychologist.

It is very important to see a doctor if you experience symptoms of depression, this is due to the complications of this disorder on the sufferer, such as its negative impact on his lifestyle, the increase in his suicidal thoughts, also the decline in the person’s health status if he suffers from other disorders and chronic diseases.


Symptoms for a person with depression differ according to many factors, such as age, ender and cultural background of the person affected.

This is a statement of the most prominent symptoms and signs of depression, as follows:

1. Changes in Appetite & Weight

A person with depression can change their appetite and weight, either an increase or decrease, the effect of depression may be to increase the patient’s appetite and increase his intake of certain foods, such as prepared foods and carbohydrates.

2. Decline in Mood

People with depression feel sadness, loss of hope and motivation, annoyance, ease of irritation, frustration and anger, sometimes sufferers do not feel the events that occurred to them as a result of their depression and describe that as their feeling of tension and loss of feelings in general.

3. Sleep Disorders

Depression leads to sleep disturbances, such as if the sufferer has difficulty sleeping, wakes up early in the day, or suffers from insomnia.

4. Poor Concentration

A depressed person has difficulty thinking, concentrating, and making decisions, in addition to being easily distracted and sometimes losing memory.

5. Feeling Worthlessness

Feeling exaggerated guilt about some of the things he did or did not do, and a depressed person usually feels like a failure, inferiority or that he is an unqualified or worthless person.

6. Thinking of Death or Suicide

The suicidal thinking that the victim suffers is simply a feeling of losing the value of life, but it may be intense at times in which the victim is seriously thinking about ending his life.



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