Industry in CHINA – Machinery & Energy industry

China is one of the most developed countries in the world in various fields, especially in the economic domain.

The country possesses a great human wealth that has a great potential to rise in the name of the country in the highest ranks in industrial terms.

Industry in China has a major role in shaping the GDP, as it is one of the largest exporters of manufactured materials to many countries of the world.


Industry in China is one of the sectors most dependent on the Chinese in their economy, as China is one of the largest industrialized countries in the Asian continent and the world, and the GDP from the sector constitutes 72.8%, as the transformative industries annually produce 44.1% of the total output.

And this comes after a series of economic reforms undertaken by the government to increase the percentage of production in the sector in cooperation with many companies supervised by the local government, and this contributed to attracting private entrepreneurs and foreign investors to The country since 1990.

Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the state has given great attention to the development of industry on its soil, and China is considered an important center for the manufacture of cars and other transportation equipment.

Including railway cars, locomotives, ships, airplanes, and many consumer products such as shoes, toys, electronics, and devices, Telecommunications and information technology equipment, which means that it is a global industrial home and destination.


China provides a place for the manufacturing industry; It manufactures a full range of large advanced equipment such as gas turbines, frothing sets nuclear power equipment, direct current converters, mineral and petrochemical fertilizer equipment, paper making and textile machinery.

As China has been since 1996 to the present day one of the difficult numbers in the manufacture of these machines, and the amount of its GDP reaches 425 billion US dollars.


Workers walk past solar panels and wind turbines (rear) at a newly-built power plant in Hami, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China.

Thermal Industries, hydro and nuclear energies are the fastest growing among all industrial sectors, with the total manufacturing capacity of generators reaching 874 billion kilowatts per year and 3.2 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity, ranking second in the world, and covering the main electricity networks Now in all cities and most of China’s rural areas.

Since 1980, China has invested a large number of coal mines for generation, and its stock of coal was one billion tons during 1989 AD, and the country can design, equip and manage 10 million open coal mines with mining areas of large and medium-size, while the country’s production exceeded Of annual oil and natural gas for 160 million tons, thus ranking fifth in the world.


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