Benefits of Pull Ups & How To Practice it.

Pull-ups exercise plays an important role in strengthening the muscles of the upper part of the player’s body, such as the shoulders, back, chest, and abdomen, and this exercise is one of the most popular exercises.

A person is required to have sufficient strength to perform it properly, but it is considered enjoyable.

In this article, we will talk about this exercise and its benefits, also how to practice it with an explanation and clarification.


Let practice Pullup exercice now!

This is an exercise that he does not depend on the lifting of weights such as other exercise, as he basically raises the weight of the body itself.

And to practice this exercice you must to:

  • Warm-up, it is not the right starting first without warm-up exercices.
  • Constipation of bar and raise the body by the power of muscle up.
  • Go down and rise on the bar.
  • Preferably get off gradually and not fast.
  • During the exercise it is recommended to look up not down.


Pull ups exercice.

Pullups exercise is an important and useful exercise for the body, so let know about the benefits after practice this amazing exercise:

  • Burn calories, grease and fat.
  • Strengthen cardiovascular muscles, as percussion performance leads to increased heartbeat, renewed activity and circulation of blood circulation.
  • Increase neurological power at the player.
  • The development of hands and increasing its strength, which is reflected on the ability to accomplish various tasks in normal life.
  • Strengthen different body muscles and coordinate it.
  • Improve fitness for the player.
  • Promote self-confidence.

This exercice requires continuity and persistence until the player reaches the desired result.


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