Etiquette Rules of Eating – Before and After Meals.

Learning the etiquette rules of eating is one of the good things in everyone’s life to avoid embarrassment and mockery of others.

Food etiquette is known as the etiquette related to human behavior and general taste when eating and drinking in a way that expresses in a civilized manner the person and his social normalization from the stage of savagery to the stage of human civilization.

In this article let know more about the etiquette rules of eating before and after meals!



A family is getting ready to start eating.
  • Washing hands before eating to remove dirt from them so that the person does not harm himself.
  • Asking about the type of food in case the person is a guest of one of his friends or relatives.
  • The initiative to eat: Meaning that the host eats his food before the guest starts it in order to reassure the guest’s heart.
  • Not to mix various types of food in the same plate, and if it is necessary, mix on a spoonful.
  • Cut food into mouth-sized pieces.
  • Do not arouse disgust or arouse attention in the event the food is strange or unappetizing.


Mum and her daughter finished their meal.
  • Eating with the right hand.
  • Eating food directly following the person; That is, to eat food in front of him, and not to reach out to the food that is in front of others or from the middle.
  • Wash hands immediately after eating.
  • Rinsing the mouth after eating in order to get rid of the excess food pieces from the mouth.
  • Not to recline while eating, meaning not to sit on one of the naughty people at the time of food.
  • Not to talk about dead people, accidents and animals during food.
  • Not to spit and mucus at the time of eating unless necessary.
  • Eating with the group, and feeding the wife and children.
  • Not to make any sound or take out the food if it is eaten hot in order not to draw attention, and it is better to drink a small amount of water in this case.
  • Do not make the sound of chewing, in addition to not opening the mouth full of food.
  • Not to leave food residues on the plate after eating.


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