Tips To Maintain Healthy HAIR

All people desire to have beautiful and healthy hair, but this will not be achieved without caring for hair and providing good care for it.

And there are many ways to care for hair, starting from washing it, passing it dry, and the correct ways to style it.

To have healthy hair, you must first take care of internal nourishment, they are the basis for healthy hair, Therefore, it is imperative to drink more water to hydrate.

Haircare is imperative to avoid infection with diseases such as lice, alopecia, and head fungus, as it gives people a beautiful look and clean hair that smells good.

In this Article we will give you the best tips to maintain healthy hair!


Having healthy hair require doing some things and the necessary steps to maintain its health and beauty, and in the following points we will mention some of them:

  • Drink a lot of water, including at least 8 cups every day, whether it is clear water, juices, or even soups.
  • Use hair conditioner after each use of shampoo, taking into account the selection of the type that suits the hair type, length, and problems that may suffer from it.
  • Moisturizing the hair with conditioner after washing it, and combine it with a wide-tooth comb before drying it; This is to smooth it out and get rid of the tangles inside it.
  • Bathing in warm water, as bathing using warm water is considered one of the methods of hair care.
  • It is advised to avoid using hot water, as it strips the hair of the oils that naturally protect it, and that help it appear dull.
  • The use of a sulfur-free shampoo, and paraben, as the companies that manufacture shampoo add sulfur to it, because it is responsible for making the foam that comes out of shampoo during hair washing.
  • Not to overuse hair care products that contain protein, as too much of it may cause hair to become dry and dull.
  • Washing hair with apple cider vinegar, apple cider vinegar helps to soften the hair, provides it with shine, and it also fights dandruff.
  • Haircutting, one of the best ways to take care of hair is to cut the ends of the hair once every two months.


Finally, Hair needs great care, as it reflects the general appearance of the person, and lack of proper attention to it results in many different problems such as shedding, breakage, dehydration, dandruff or premature graying.

And to avoid these problems, It is advised to follow these hair care tips, which include maintaining healthy hair in addition to applying beneficial hair care products and preparations,


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