The Effects of Alcohol on Society

Alcohol causes many health problems, and it also causes many social problems and effects.

Drinking large quantities of alcohol causes serious problems and consequences for society and a person’s work, family, and social life.


Alcohol has many negative effects on society, including:

  • The spread of crimes within society, due to the inability of the drinker to control his actions, and the loss of self-control.
  • The spread of divorce cases, the breakdown of families, and child labor, because the alcohol addict cannot manage his affairs and his family.
  • Widespread poverty in the family and society: This is because an alcoholic needs financial resources in order to buy it.
  • The spread of traffic accidents: as a result of the alcohol drinker loss control of his behavior.
  • The increase in rape and sexual harassment in the streets.
  • Increase in suicides within the community.
  • The spread of violence in all its forms, especially domestic violence, and violence against women.
  • People lose their ability to produce and spend a lot of money to buy these expensive drinks.


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