Essential Minerals our Body Needs

Minerals perform many important functions in the body, it essential for our health.

Minerals are also necessary to improve the performance of the body.

So you must eat foods that contain these important nutrients to avoid potential problems related to a decrease or increase in these minerals in the body.

and there are six main minerals present in the body in large quantities, which are necessary for many processes in the body.


CALCIUM The body needs to have strong bones and teeth, and it is necessary for blood clotting, normal nervous system, and muscle function, and calcium is found in greater quantities from dairy products such as: milk, cheese, yogurt, nuts, and green leafy vegetables.

MAGNESIUM Magnesium is essential for maintain muscle contractions and nerve impulses, and is also essential for control blood sugar, regulate blood pressure, and maintain strong and healthy bones.

CHLORINE The body needs chlorine to form gastric juices, and it is also found with sodium in the surrounding fluid in cells. Chlorine works with sodium to help maintain the balance of body fluids.

POTASSIUM The body needs potassium to enhance normal nervous system function and muscle contraction, and maintain the appropriate level of potassium is important in maintain a normal heart rhythm.

SODIUM Sodium works with chlorine to maintain fluid balance outside the cells, and sodium intake is important to regulate blood pressure.

PHOSPHORUS Phosphorus is important for the growth of bones and the normal completion of the function of the cell membrane, and it works with the B complex vitamins to convert the foods that are eaten into energy that the body needs for all daily activities.


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