Insomnia Causes and Symptoms

Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which a person suffers from the inability to fall asleep.

it symptoms include: staying awake for long periods during the night, interrupted sleep periods, and wake up early with a loss of the feeling of activity gained from sleep.

The causes that lead to a person’s inability to sleep at night are varied, and the most common causes are those related to some practices or habits.


There are many wrong life practices that may lead to suffering from insomnia.

Young woman with insomnia.
  • Tension and Psychological Pressure: Exposure to a problem, such as the death of a close, loss of a job, or illness, in addition to the psychological pressure resulting from study, work, and financial circumstances, lead to suffer from insomnia.
  • Drinking Alcohol: Alcohol causes many disorders that lead to long-term insomnia, as it disrupts the normal sleep cycle, including waking up before getting adequate sleep.
  • Cocaine Addiction: Cocaine use is associated with insomnia, and loss of the ability to feel pleasure.
  • Caffeine: Drinking a caffeinated drink before bedtime may lead to insomnia and difficulty sleeping.
  • Smoking: One of the side effects of smoking is insomnia, and due to the decrease in the effect of nicotine in the morning before waking up, this may lead to the emergence of withdrawal symptoms and sleep disturbances during this period.
  • Using Electronic Devices Before Bed: Several studies have shown the effect of electronic light in disrupting the level of the hormone melatonin, the hormone that plays an important role in sleep.
  • Eat Fatty Meals Before Bedtime: It causes a feeling of discomfort and affects the ability to sleep, in addition to the possibility of hot food causing a heartburn in the stomach and thus sleep disturbance.


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