World Orphan’s Day – 1st Friday of April

Orphan’s Day is celebrated on the first Friday of April, it a national day in Egypt ,It was founded by Dar Al-Orman, the largest charitable organization.

Orphan’s Day is known as that day that was designated for the celebration of the orphan, one day of the year to relieve orphans who suffer the bitter loneliness and its cruelty, and who do not find a refuge or help, which made them live in harsh and difficult conditions.

An orphan is a person who has his respect in all regions of the world because he has suffered from the loss of his father, who is considered his life support, and the loss of a father when he is young is one of the most difficult and difficult things for a person.

The father is the breadwinner, the educator, the friend, the refuge, and the source of all tenderness. The monotheistic religions respect and sympathize with orphans, and take care of them until they grow up and become able to depend on themselves.

The young person is in dire need of psychological and pre-material support to complete his life naturally, so their childhood memories do not become a burden on their memories when they get old.

and it is worth noting that the ratio of the number of orphan children to the total number of children in the world is estimated at approximately seven percent, and from here, charitable work is open to all persons who can do so.

Orphan Day Celebration in Egypt.

The orphanage took this idea from this volunteer, and at first, it celebrated five thousand orphan children, and the idea received full support from public figures, government agencies, and official institutions, and after the idea blossomed and grew, it was presented to the conference convened by the ministers of social affairs from various Arab countries.

Various charitable organizations and orphanages compete in celebrating this wonderful day that brings joy and happiness to the same orphan.


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