World Teachers Day Around the World

As a kind of honor for teachers, the world agreed to celebrate them on the 5 October of each year, and this celebration began in the year 1994.

but this date changes from one country to another, as nearly a hundred countries around the world, celebrate this important day.

Teachers Day aims to honor teachers and maximize their status in their societies.

It also aims to know their needs and provide them to fulfill their mission most fully and completely possible.

And among the important things that Teachers Day also aims at is the development

and advancement of the teaching profession completely, as it is well known that this profession has declined in many regions of the world.

Especially in those areas that suffer from extreme poverty and in which people do not find their daily food

which missed the opportunity for them to rise and catch up with civilization and nations.

Although a large part of the world celebrates Teachers Day on the fifth of October every year, some countries celebrate it on other days, for example:

Afghanistan celebrate Teachers Day on the 24 of May, in Argentina on 11 September, in Australia on the last Friday of October

in Brazil on 15 October, in Chile on 16 October, in Colombia on 15 May, in Hungary on 1st June, and in Lebanon on 3 March, in Peru on 6 July

in Taiwan on 28 September, and in Palestine on 14 December.


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