Tips to Get your baby to Sleep Early

Every mother seeks to accustom her baby to a specific time to sleep and wake up.

But sometimes she finds it difficult to organize her children’s sleep schedule.

Because of the frequent waking up of children at different times.

And to get your baby to sleep early, you must follow the following tips:

  • Create a comfortable atmosphere for him to sleep by adding dim lighting if he is afraid of darkness, and by providing a calm atmosphere for sleep.
  • Wake up your baby from sleep early in the morning and do not allow him to sleep late.
  • Watch your baby while he sleeps and determine what is causing him to wake up, and try to address the problem.
  • Encourage your child to play and do sports before bedtime, and this is enough for him to consume his energy and feel tired and exhausted and plunge into a quiet sleep.
  • End your child’s stressful day with a warm bath. The warm water relaxes the body and muscles, which helps him sleep for long hours.
  • Avoid feeding your baby sweets or fatty food that gives him energy so that his vitality is not renewed and he finds the energy needed to wake up all night.
  • Do not make your child drink a lot of water and fluids before bedtime, so that he does not wake up from sleep to go to the bathroom.
  • Feel your love and affection for your baby, and offer him a kiss to sleep so that he sleeps with peace of mind.


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