Ways to Learn Without Forgetting

Forgetting is entering into a state of apparent loss, and this state is either sudden or gradually, as the study works to transfer information and restore it to the memory.

So many people are exposed to constant forgetting, and on top of them are students, as soon as the date of their exams approaches.

Where they are exposed to tension, confusion, and fear, which negatively affects their academic achievement.


There are many ways to help the student to memorize quickly and avoid the problem of forgetting, and through this topic, we will discuss in detail these methods:

  • SELF-CONFIDENCE: Self-confidence works hard to achieve dazzling success, and the challenge increases success, and thus students can provide the best to reach multiple successes.
  • RECORDING INFORMATION: the process of writing information during the study, and repeating it, fixing the information in the brain, and remembering it faster.
  • COMPREHENSION: The student must understand the reading correctly when starting to read because this helps the memory to retrieve the information, otherwise, it is difficult to remember the information by memorizing it without understanding it.
  • EXERCICE: Doing exercises helps stimulate blood circulation, thus activating the brain and then memory.
  • ADEQUATE SLEEP: You must get enough sleep, to relax the mind, not to tire, and to relieve tension.
  • GOOD NUTRITION: You should eat more healthy foods, which contain vitamins and minerals, which work to strengthen the memory.
  • INNOVATION: It is a method that helps to quickly preserve information, by composing the information in the form of a song, which makes it easier to memorize and then remember.


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