Benefits of Playing Sports on Health

Sport has many benefits that include all aspects related to the human being.

It is beneficial at all levels, It has health, physical and psychological benefits.

We cannot overlook its advantages on the mental, social and moral levels.

In this article, we will talk about the health benefits of playing sports.


There are many health benefits of playing sports that positively affect human health in general, we mention the most prominent of them:

A group of friends are Playing Sports.
  • STRENGTHENING IMMUNE SYSTEM: Exercise helps to strengthen the lymphatic system, prevent the accumulation of fat around it, maintain its health and can make more white blood cells, and defend the body strongly, so the athlete becomes less exposed to seasonal diseases such as colds.
  • PREVENTION OF OBESITY: Exercise contributes to burning excess calories in the body, and this prevents the accumulation of fat in the body, and it also protects against obesity diseases that threaten the patient’s life, such as diabetes, heart, and fatty liver.
  • PREVENTION OF HEART DISEASE: Exercise strengthens the heart muscles, improves blood circulation, reduces high blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and prevents its accumulation in the arteries and veins, which protects against atherosclerosis and heart attacks.
  • REGULATE BLOOD SUGAR: Recent studies have shown that regular exercise reduces the possibility of developing diabetes, and one of the best sports for this is that which requires great physical effort, as it burns glucose, which leads to a reduction in blood sugar, also it helps to regulate insulin in the body, it is very useful for sufferers. Diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes.
  • BOOSTS MEMORY: As a person ages, the efficiency of his nervous system decreases, and the amount of oxygen supplied to brain cells decreases, and thus brain cells are damaged and dying, and it has led to many diseases such as delirium and Alzheimer’s, but whoever exercises regularly, the work of his nervous system improves.
  • ENHACE SELF-CONFIDENCE: Sport is an effective psychological treatment, as it increases self-confidence, removes anxiety, tension, and pressures that a person is exposed to as a result of difficult life circumstances, in addition to breaking the daily routine, feeling happy, and having fun when practicing.
  • FIGHT INSOMNIA: Exercise helps get rid of insomnia, and sleep deeply, as it increases the secretion of the hormone serotonin, which works as a sedative and improves mood.


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