Swimming in Cold Water may Treat Depression

Did you ever think swimming in cold water would help treat depression? Then read this article.

One case study published in the British Medical Journal Case Reports revealed that jumping and swimming in cold water helps treat depression.

The person studied in this research is 24 years old and has been taking antidepressants since they were 17 years old.

In turn, the study-based researchers indicated that practicing outdoor sports activities and swimming would reduce symptoms of depression.

On the other hand, the researchers found a great role for doing it in cold water and getting rid of depression.

And the researchers explained that diving in cold water stimulates the stress reaction, which includes hormones and function, and this causes:

  • Secretion of stress hormones.

This reflects positively on the incidence of depression and thus saves you from it.

On the other hand, many people who have tried this have explained that swimming has many other health benefits

as it reduces the chances of catching a cold and the flu.

The study’s researchers noted that this opens doors for developing a treatment method for depression

which helps patients control their symptoms for a longer period.


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