Insulin Injection Diabetes Replaced by Oral Insulin

Is it possible for a diabetic to dispense with insulin injections and replace it in oral insulin? Here’s what this scientific study found about insulin injection diabetes.

The results of a study published in the Scientific Journal (PNAS) revealed that it is possible to replace insulin injection diabetes with oral insulin for the same purpose.

Type 1 diabetes means that the body’s immune system attacks the cells that produce the hormone insulin in the pancreas

which is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels.

It is noting that the lack of control and management of the disease can cause serious health complications.

Type 1 diabetics use insulin injections to control blood sugar levels, but this method is cumbersome and tiring for patients

So researchers have resorted to looking for a method other than injections.

Researchers hope to develop oral medications for insulin

but the obstacle to this lies in the damage of the hormone insulin if it interacts with stomach acids

So they are now working to develop a cover for these oral pills to help prevent spoilage.

Recently, researchers based on the current study to develop a complex formulated oral insulin

designed to protect insulin from intestinal acids and enzymes in the small intestine.

This new oral medication will only break down in the small intestine until it reaches the bloodstream.

The researchers reported that this oral medicine is easy to prepare and will be more effective, and stored for about two months at room temperature.

on the other hand oral insulin would move through your digestive system. It would be absorbed into your bloodstream through your intestines.


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