The importance of Sleep in Treatment of Diseases

No one can deny the importance of sleep, it helps in the treatment of many diseases, so it is necessary to obtain adequate rest when suffering from diseases, as this strengthens the immune system and speeds up recovery.

In many cases, the doctor requires the patient to stay in bed during the illness

as there are diseases that require sleep and rest to speed up recovery.

Learn the importance of sleep in the treatment of diseases


As a result of extreme stress and not sleeping well, many people can feel severe head pain as well as spinning and imbalance.

In this case, the best solution is to get the rest and sleep the body needs to get rid of severe headaches.

It may be difficult for some people with headaches to sleep

and therefore it is possible to drink a cup of anise or mint or a cup of warm milk.


When you have the flu, you must get a good amount of sleep and rest

because exertion leads to the secretion of hormones in the body that cause weak immunity.

Such as the hormone cortisol, which negatively affects white blood cells.

During a flu infection, the immune system needs to direct all its efforts and energy to fight the disease.


Leg pain can occur due to weight gain and excessive pressure on the joints for long periods without resting.

In this problem, you must lie on the bed with a pillow placed under the legs

this guarantees relief of pain, especially if it is accompanied by swelling.


Sleep is of great importance for diabetics, as lack of sleep causes an increase in hemoglobin level and thus it is difficult to control blood sugar.

At the same time, we do not recommend sleeping for long periods

but sleep should be regular and moderate to ensure the maintenance of sugar levels.


When suffering from pain in the back, neck, or shoulder, the body needs rest to reduce pressure on it.

And thus sleep is an appropriate solution to alleviate these symptoms.

But you must adhere to the correct sleeping positions because some positions can increase pain.

If there is a pain in the back, you should sleep on the back with a small pillow under the pelvis to reduce tendon problems.


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