Lytton: Disappearance of an entire town in Canada

An unprecedented heatwave was recorded in the western Pacific regions ” Lytton “, affecting large areas in Canada and the United States

and resulted in the death of hundreds, in light of the rising warnings of the effects of climate change, which are becoming more visible.

And the Washington Post said that hundreds of people died in the historic heatwave, which witnessed unprecedented numbers of temperatures

in the province of British Columbia in Canada and the states of Oregon and Washington in the United States this week.

The chief medical examiner for British Columbia, Western Canada, Lisa Lapointe, said:

Her office received reports of 486 sudden and unexpected deaths between last Friday and noon Wednesday and said that about 165 people usually die in the province within five days.

While the Canadian town of Lytton was a clear example of the tragedy caused by the heatwave

the town in British Columbia was almost destroyed by wildfires caused by unprecedented temperatures.


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