Things we should know before traveling on vacation

Finally, travel is gradually returning, but it comes with some reservations, before you traveling on vacation

it is important to do research on your destination to make sure that the trip will go smoothly.

Here are 5 special things to look for before traveling on vacation:


Travelers should research the risk of contracting COVID-19 in the country they are going to

usually by looking for it on the Internet, government websites, or local media.

The status of the injuries can determine whether they are subject to quarantine or take special precautions when returning home.


In many countries, if you are “fully vaccinated” against Covid-19, you do not need to undergo tests or prove that you have recovered from the virus

making travel easier as you will face much fewer restrictions and obstacles.

However, in some countries, such as Italy, taking the test is still mandatory.

It is also important to note that “fully vaccinated” is applied 14 days after receiving the second dose or, in the case of Johnson & Johnson

after receiving a dose, as it is a single dose.


In many cases now, showing the document that records the receipt of the COVID-19 vaccine is sufficient.

However, efforts are underway to digitize this proof through an app, a type of digital vaccination passport.

The European Union is currently working on a “green corridor” for a digital vaccination passport to facilitate movement within the bloc

and airlines, technology and other entities are working on copies of their own.


Being a citizen or resident is not sufficient to simply allow you to return to your home country after traveling abroad.

As some countries require all returning passengers to submit a negative rapid test before boarding the plane at the airport of departure.

Vaccinated travelers or those who have recovered from the virus are usually exempt from those requirements for testing.


Travelers should be sure that their health insurance will work abroad and consider travel health insurance in the event they contract COVID-19.


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