Tik Tok Helps Users to Obtain Jobs

“Tik Tok” revealed the addition of a feature that allows its users to apply for jobs through the application, in innovative and different ways.

Those in charge of the application said that the service will initially be launched in the United States, on July 31, to be rolled out on a larger scale later.

Tik Tok launched a website dedicated to promoting this service, where it tells its visitors, “Find your dream job with Tik Tok CVs.”

The application hinted at an innovative way to apply for jobs, which is to record a video clip showing the person’s interest in a job

and a review of his capabilities and experiences, with a musical background as desired.

According to the site, the application will allow users to search among the jobs offered through the application

which indicates a partnership with different institutions to benefit from the service.

The site explains to application users how to apply for jobs through three steps. “Search for jobs offered.

Upload your Tik Tok resume on the application”, and then submit it.

It revealed a number of companies whose users will be able to apply for their jobs

which varied between retail companies, restaurants, fashion, real estate, sports and others.

A group of major companies appeared among the names, which decided to use it to obtain new employees

Including NASCAR, which specializes in motorsports and rallying.

Tik Tok, through this feature, also allowed its users to apply to work within the application developer team

with jobs related to creative content and growth strategies, which are important for this type of application.


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