Dry Hair Causes, Treatments and how to prevent it

What causes dry hair? How can dry hair be treated and dealt with?

The most important information and tips about dry hair in this article.

The causes of it are many and varied, some of them are transient, and some of them may be satisfactory.

To deal with it, a visit to the doctor is necessary!

So what are the causes of dry hair? and how can you deal with it? Details are below.

Causes of dry hair

A variety of factors can lead to it, including environmental conditions, your physical health and hair care habits

1. Scalp problems

Dry hair may be caused by a specific problem in the scalp!

such as cases in which the scalp is unable to secrete sufficient amounts of natural oils and fats.

Since hair derives its moisture and healthy appearance from its roots

not getting enough oil from the roots and it follicles in the scalp during growth can cause hair to dry out.

2. Thyroid and parathyroid problems

Thyroid and parathyroid diseases and problems, especially hypothyroidism or hypoparathyroidism

Can cause significant changes to the appearance and health of hair.

3. Malnutrition and lack of vitamins and minerals

Hair needs a range of different minerals and vitamins to nourish and protect it from various problems

So any malnutrition or any deficiency in the levels of some nutrients in the body may cause hair problems.

4. Other reasons

  • Wash and clean the hair using a shampoo that contains harmful substances.
  • Exposing the hair excessively to substances such as: hair dye, straighteners and hair straighteners.
  • Exposing the hair excessively to the heat of the sun or to harsh weather factors and pollution.
  • Swimming in water with high chlorine content.
  • Taking some types of medication or undergoing certain treatments.

Treating dry hair

In many cases, you can treat dry hair through simple lifestyle changes.

Here are a few you can try:

  • Follow a balanced and healthy diet rich in the following nutrients: Vitamin D, Omega 3, Vitamin C, Biotin, Iron.
  • Take nutritional supplements that may be recommended by the doctor in case of any deficiency in minerals or vitamins.
  • Use hair care products that are suitable for your hair type and are free from harmful chemicals.
  • Avoid flat irons, curling irons, and electric rollers.
  • Avoid shampooing your hair every day.

If the cause of it is satisfactory, a specialist should be resorted to to start discussing the treatment options offered.

Top tips to prevent dry hair

Following these tips may help prevent from it:

  • Make sure to use cool or moderately hot water while washing your hair.
  • Follow healthy habits while styling hair, and stay away from heat tools and chemicals.
  • Regularly apply natural hair masks or natural oils to the hair on a monthly or weekly basis.
  • Use a protective hair cap when swimming in pools that contain a high percentage of chlorine.


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