What should we know about new Covid variant Mu

As official bodies rush to try to contain the dangerous delta mutant, and a new mutant appears to be on the horizon.

World Health Organization recently issued a warning about the Covid variant Mu. Do we have to worry?

The World Health Organization recently issued a warning about a new Covid variant Mu that researchers fear may be more virulent than the delta mutant.

According to preliminary data, the new mu mutant is believed to be resistant to vaccines.

The new strain, which the researchers named the mutated “Mu“, and scientifically called (B.1.621).

Is a strain that first appeared in Colombia in January 2021, and then moved to other countries.

About 4000 cases of the Mu mutant have been monitored and recorded in more than 40 countries around the world until now

including the United States of America, where the number of Mu mutant cases has reached nearly 2000 cases so far.

Do we have to worry?

With delta infection rates starting to decline recently in countries such as the United States, experts fear that this will allow the mu mutation to start spreading.

What raises experts’ concerns about this mutant is that it may be:

More capable of spreading, as this mutant has a mutation that may make it spread rapidly, the type (N501Y) mutation that was previously detected in the alpha mutant.

More resistant to acquired immunity than vaccines, as this mutant possesses a genetic mutation that may be able to evade antibodies

the E484K mutation that was previously detected in the beta mutant and the gamma mutant.

It should be noted that the prevalence of this mutant has declined since the beginning of this summer until the previous few weeks

Especially with the emergence of the delta mutant, which began to spread widely.

However, the prevalence of the mu mutant is still relatively high in certain countries, such as:

  • Colombia: where it has a prevalence rate of 39%, and this percentage is increasing.
  • Ecuador: where its prevalence is 13%, and this percentage is rising.

So far, the Mu mutant has been classified by the World Health Organization as an “interesting” mutant!

To join other mutagens that have been included under the same classification as well, such as the lambda mutant

while the most dangerous mutant is usually classified as “alarming” mutant like mutated delta.

It should be noted that the prevalence of the Mu mutant currently around the world does not exceed 0.1%

but this does not mean that we should turn a blind eye to this mutant, but rather we must continue to be careful.


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