Delta strain spread in Fujian province in China

The most contagious delta strain of the coronavirus has begun to spread in southeastern China’s Fujian Province. Today, Wednesday, the authorities said that 50 new infections were detected.

Since the outbreak of the delta strain began last Friday, 152 cases have been recorded

which has led to the closure of two major cities in the province, Putian and Xiamen.

The current outbreak started in Putian City and is believed to be due to a man returning from Singapore who was infected with the Delta strain.

The man had returned to China on August 4, and spent 21 days in quarantine, and the result of his infection with the virus was negative nine times.

However, he tested positive for the virus last Friday.

The Chinese government is dealing with the implementation of the strategy of not registering cases of coronavirus infection.

By imposing curfews, testing, contact tracing, quarantining, and imposing strict restrictions, China has been able to control the coronavirus.

Localized delta outbreaks have recently been recorded in some places, but so far they have been brought under control through strict measures.


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