FIFA ranking england snatch third place from france

England, the European runner-up, snatched third place from France in the FIFA ranking for men’s teams issued on Thursday, while Belgium remained in the lead and behind Brazil.

While France maintained its third place after the end of the continental championship, which it was eliminated from in the 16th round against Switzerland

it lost third place in the FIFA ranking due to its recent mediocre results in the continental qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar against the brilliance of England.

The world champions, earlier this month, were satisfied with a victory (against Finland) and two draws (Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina)

while the Three Lions achieved two wins (Hungary and Andorra) and a draw (Poland).

Italy, the European champion, and Argentina, the holder of the Copa America title, maintained the fifth and sixth places, respectively.

Portugal advanced to seventh place at the expense of Spain, while Denmark entered the top ten list at the expense of the United States, which fell to thirteenth place.

Ranking of the top ten teams:

  • 1- Belgium.
  • 2- Brazil.
  • 3- England (+1).
  • 4- France (-1).
  • 5- Italy.
  • 6- Argentina.
  • 7- Portugal (+1).
  • 8- Spain (-1).
  • 9- Mexico.
  • 10- Denmark (+1).


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