Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Autumn Season

Autumn has many advantages and disadvantages and has its own atmosphere, so how can we prepare ourself for the autumn season and what are the effects it leaves on us and why is it considered one of the most beautiful seasons for many?

Before we talk about the fall semester, we must know what the months of the fall are. The year consists of four seasons, each season has about three months.

But what can be recognized astronomically is that the duration of the fall semester is from September 23 to December 22.

And we note that starting from September the weather temperature decreases and summer begins to break.

Autumn season features

1. Suitable for everything

What distinguishes the autumn season is that it is suitable for everything.

Whoever does not catch up with summer in the months of July and August can travel quickly in late September or early October

and whoever wants to buy clothes at the end of the season where discounts reach about 50 percent

or buy winter clothes from the rest Since next year for less than a quarter of the price.

2. Fresh air and regular sleep

What really distinguishes the autumn season is that fresh air and this beautiful atmosphere, those breezes that blow and refresh our bodies and souls.

the drop in the humidity in the atmosphere, which makes us breathe more regularly, the decrease in temperature, especially during the night

which means regular sleep and less anxiety, really autumn is wonderful Very in this respect.

3. Romantic

One of the characteristics of autumn is that it is romantic, as the weather begins to lose its heat, the sun’s rays begin to recede.

and clouds begin to appear in the sky, which results in an atmosphere suitable for romance and a greater catalyst for engagement or the return of broken relationships.

Autumn season negatives

1. Mood change

Because of the fluctuation of temperature and short day, as well as weak sunlight, which means a decrease in vitamin D.

which results in a change in mood and the start of the so-called depressive season, which begins with autumn and ends with winter.

2. Wilting leaves

It is known that autumn is the season of fall and yellowing leaves, and therefore this can be one of the negative aspects of the autumn season.

How to Prepare Ourself for the Autumn Season

  • In the autumn, we must be more active and receive this period with activity, vigor and vitality.
  • We must also not pay much attention to what has passed and gone, and start implementing what we could not accomplish in the past nine months of the year.
  • Do not hesitate to travel to places worthy of this if you are tired of summer and sea trips, the weather is almost always beautiful in all areas.
  • An invitation to achievement and to abandon everything that was holding you back because of the high temperature.
  • Now you can be creative, achieve and innovate, as the atmosphere in the autumn season, due to its moderate temperature, helps to relax psychologically.
  • Pay attention to your diet, keep fit, and continue to visit the gym regularly after the summer weather has ruined this system due to the heat of the weather or summer trips.
  • Take a little walk in the times leading up to sunset so that you get the abundant amount of poetic that this time provides in the fall.
  • when the weather becomes really beautiful and wonderful with the fresh air and the wonderful atmosphere, you will get the most beautiful walk throughout the year.


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