Pregnancy of Cats: Everything you need to know

The period of pregnancy of cats is never easy, but it requires some care and attention from you to keep your cat safe during pregnancy and after birth

so after you know the signs of cat pregnancy, you must help her in her birth and provide her with good medical care for her and her young

and the matter is not limited to taking care of what Only before birth or during pregnancy in general

but care lasts for a period of time after birth so that the mother and her young are always in the best condition.

And you should know that the cat during its pregnancy shows a lot of changes over the two months preceding the week of birth!

Pregnancy of cats signs:

There are many signs that tell you that your cat is pregnant, and here we will discuss the ten most famous of them:

1. Anorexia

One of the signs of cat pregnancy is a loss of appetite and almost permanent reluctance to eat

as the cat in the first weeks of pregnancy is abstaining from food and does not like it.

2. vomiting

Vomiting in the early stages of a cat’s pregnancy is considered normal and natural

so you should not worry about it at all.

Some cats in the first period of their pregnancy vomit, but it is at intervals and for a few times

because they have entered a new and changing stage for them

so some changes occur in their body from the inside.

3. The craving to eat

After several weeks of carrying cats, we find that they have an open appetite and want to eat all kinds of food

whatever it is, even if they do not eat specific food during the normal days

you will find them in the last pregnancy eating anything you find in front of them.

4. Her nipples pink

The nipples of the cat are supplied several weeks after pregnancy, as with the passage of some weeks

we find that the nipples have turned pink as evidence that pregnancy is in the middle of it and this is a sign of that

and with the passage of days the size of the nipples increases until they become more than they were.

5. Uterus enlargement

One of the signs of cat pregnancy is the large size of the cat’s abdomen and a clear increase in its weight

and this increase occurs gradually from the beginning of pregnancy until the last weeks in it

but it increases more at the beginning of the second half of the pregnancy period for two reasons:

the first is the large size of the fetus in its mother’s womb

and the second is the frequent intake of cats Food by the mother as we said earlier.

6. Rapid mood swings

During pregnancy, the cat does not maintain a single mood, but is constantly changing whenever something new is found.

Sometimes we find it very mobile and active and move from one place to another

and others do not move from its place and remain sitting in one place for a long period of time

and sometimes we find it Completely calm and quiet

while others find them very fierce and violent as soon as we approach them.

7. Love foreplay

One of the distinguishing signs of a cat during her pregnancy is that we find her always wanting to get close to you to caress her and take care of her.

Sometimes she is alienated from everyone and loves to sit alone for fear of death for the fetus inside her

believing that whoever sees her will harm her and her womb.

8. Find quiet places

One of the signs of cat pregnancy is the constant search for quiet and safe places for cats, so we find the cat

after its pregnancy, looking for dark, quiet or hidden places from people’s eyes in order to enjoy a birth free of any problems.


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