Ways to fall asleep using your Smartphone

When you’re trying to sleep, your smartphone doesn’t have to be the enemy!

You might think that your smartphone is the last thing you should reach for when you’re trying to sleep.

However, with the right apps, websites, and device settings, it can help you relax and promote a better night’s sleep.

In this article, we will see some effective relaxation techniques that use your smartphone to help you fall asleep.

Effective relaxation techniques that use your smartphone to help you fall asleep.

1. White noise

The best sound to help you sleep is white noise!

Its soft, steady frequency drowns out outside sounds and disturbing thoughts – major obstacles to a good night’s sleep.

There are many white noise apps for Android and iOS to choose from, including Headspace and Sleepa.

These applications often come with a set of tools to create the most comfortable environment possible.

If you don’t want your sleep gadgets to take up space on your phone, you can always use white noise sites like A Soft Murmur and MyNoise.

2. Nature sounds

Nature sounds apps and websites can help you sleep better.

Services that offer white noise also usually have natural sounds, so keep exploring the above programs.

Other apps, like Ambience, feature hundreds of sounds to choose and even mix together.

3. Nice music

Thanks to your smartphone, for example, you can access a radio, music player, and endless audio and video playlists on your favorite streaming apps.

All of these things can help you fall asleep, by listening to the right tune.

Different music calms different people, of course, but a nice thing is generally the best option.

4. Audio books

A good bedtime story is another way to fall asleep using your smartphone.

So Audible should be your first stop for audiobooks, with a great mobile app that makes it easy to start listening to a new book in no time.

Audible features a built-in sleep timer, so you can tell your smartphone to stop playing the book after an hour or two.

5. Twitch streams

With streamers from all over the world and across just about every topic you can imagine

Twitch offers some great low-key content to put it in the background and put it aside.

Check out craft streams, like knitting and building mechanical keyboards, or art streams

Like 3D drawing and modeling, for soothing background music and quiet chatting.

6. Podcasts

You can use podcasts the same way you use audiobooks!

There are many categories to choose from, including true crime, comedy, and discussions on all kinds of topics.

It is probably best to choose a podcast that is less focused on narrative so that you do not find yourself trapped in a moving story.


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