Reasons why your hair is not growing faster

There are many reasons why your hair is not growing faster than you want it to.

Hair is a protein-based material made of keratin. It grows from the follicles in the skin, which are located near the scalp.

It is well-known that hair growth depends on many factors, including age, vitamins, genetics, diet, and scalp health.

There are many reasons why your hair is not growing as fast as you want it to.

This article will go over some of the most common ones and before this let us know first about the hair cycle.

Hair cycle

The hair cycle is the process by which your hair grows from a follicle in the skin. The average human scalp has about 100 000 hairs.

Hair growth typically follows this pattern:

Anagen phase: This is the active growth phase for hair. It lasts for two to six years before it moves to the catagen phase.

Mesogen phase: This is the transitional phase where the hair falls out and stops growing for up to three months before it starts growing again or enters the telogen phase.

Telogen Phase: This is when your hair falls out and stays in this stage until it starts growing again or enters the anagen phase. Telogen

Reasons why your hair is not growing faster

We all want to have long hair, but sometimes it does not grow fast.

There are many reasons why your hair is not growing faster. Including:

1. Genetics

Genetics plays a role in hair loss for both men and women.

If your mother or father has a lot of hair loss, there is a chance that you will too.

Your genes determine how quickly your hair grows and if it is prone to breakage or shedding more than others.

2. Age

Age plays a major role in how fast your hair grows!

A person’s age determines how much time their scalp has to produce new hairs.

Oil production in the scalp also begins to slow, so your hair may become less hydrated and appear rougher than normal and drier.

3. Unhealthy diet

Everything you eat affects the whole body and includes the skin and hair as well.

Or healthy food means providing the best ingredients, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to the body, and on the contrary.

Unhealthy food causes damage to the body, including the hair. A lack of vitamins can lead to some serious hair problems.

4. Taking treatment

For people undergoing treatment, whatever the cause of the disease, taking some medications may cause hair not to grow.

and in excessive cases, it may cause hair loss, the chemical composition of drugs has many side effects on the body.

so if you are under treatment, talk to your doctor about the medication Also, discuss with your doctor about taking vitamins.

as it is known that vitamin B12 and zinc help maintain the length and quality of your hair.


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